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The roots of Beauty Institute "Liorá" can be traced back to the 1993 when a company "FRODIS" has chosen for its business segment a novel field of professional cosmteics distribution. Its first brands brought to Latvia were Nelly de Vuyst (Belgium), Samuel Par, Pier Augé (France).

The choice of brand was tightly co-dependent on the high-quality appropriate for Latvian customers as well as existence of own R&D laboratories.
In 1998 the company "Frodis" opened its first cosmetology center - "Liorá". It was a "pilot" project where trained beauticians could offer professional and efficient products and services to end users. Due to daily increase in demand for the center's services, "Liorá" quickly outgrown itself, both physically and internally.

By 2001 "Liorá" was considered a full-fledged Beauty Institute according to European standards. It included its own formation facilities for professional beauticians and cosmetologists, and had best beauticians and cosmetologists employed. With further development in mind the company has commenced the construction of new comfortable building that meet all necessary requirements. Choosing direction of medical aesthetics and cosmetology, the company has invested and continues to invest, all its resources into increasing the level of its services and qualifications of its specialists.

Since 2002, Beauty Institute "Liorá" is located in a spacious 4-level building in a quiet center, 18 Tallinas str., in Riga. Here, on 1200 m² the widest range of services are offered to clients and everyone is ready to satisfy any sophisticated requirement. New Institute started its activity in collaboration with Group SOTHYS - worldwide renowned leader of professional cosmetics.

We are certain, the issues of rejuvenation, health improvement and age prevention should be resolved as one, integrated, in holistic approach. Beauty is foremost - health. That is why the core of our attention is an Ambulatory Medical division. It's goal is to analyse the overall condition of an organism prior to any care and/or treatments. The task of our therapists and doctors is to create an individually adjusted effective rejuvenation, body modeling, skin cure, slimming, hair structure renovation etc. programs for optimal results without additional expenses of time and money.

Ad notam: we were the first to introduce in 1998 the method of dry medical pedicure for beauty salons in Latvia. Fir the first time launched in the local market such unique advanced apparatus technologies as face and body modeling - LPG; physiologically friendly skin peeling - Jet Peel, photo-epilation and photo-rejuvenation technologies.
As a plastic surgery alternative in 2007 we put into practice the method of fractional photothermolysis and prepared a team of specialists ready to offer effective and qualitative services with this modern device. And many many more ....

April, 2018

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