Ladies and Gentlemen!

Visiting Beauty Institute "Liorá" is always a little celebration, possibility to escape the hectic rhythm of the city life for few hours and enter an ambience of harmony and tranquility.
However, to make your visit to our Beauty Institute absolutely comfortable and useful, we advise you to follow some recommendations:

Booking the treatments

  • We recommend booking your treatment in advance. Thus, you are ensured to have the most convenient day and time of your visit. Of course, we will be more then happy to see you without prior appointment and will do our best to serve you. You can book your treatment via the phones: +(371) 67373721, +(371) 67377375, or cell phone: +(371) 26821593, or personally at the reception;
  • Persons with disabilities in order to attend therapy treatments or for consultation with therapist should inform in advance by phone (+371) 67373721 or cell (+371) 26821593;
  • You can also book your visit via the e-mail: However, please keep in mind that such electronic booking is available during workdays from 9am till 6pm. Also, please be so kind to indicate your contact phone number. For more information, please read here;
  • Taking care of your timely visit, the Beauty Institute "Liorá" receptionists will remind you about your forthcoming treatment via indicated cell number.

Booking cancellation

  • If for some reason you are unable to attend the treatment in the Beauty Institute "Liorá" at the reserved day and time, please, inform the receptionist in a timely manner. In case of the advanced appointment for one of the course treatments, please be so kind to cancel no less then within 24 hours prior to your visit. We will be content to offer you another time and/or day of the treatment.

Please, pay attention!

  • If you have certain health conditions, allergies, you are pregnant or undergoing some medical treatment, please be so kind to inform your specialist in advance, before the treatment. This will allow us to offer you the most suitable treatment. If you wear the contact lenses, also inform your beautician;
  • Please refrain from attending solarium on a day of a face and/or body treatment.

Visiting Beauty Institute "Liorá"

  • We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before the treatment. This will allow you to change without any hustle and bustle, tune into the ambiance, have a cup of tea or coffee;
  • Unfortunately, the time of delay will affect the duration of your treatment, as well as any amendment to the schedule may cause discomfort to other clients;
  • At your convenience, our specialists are always glad to show you Beauty Institute "Liorá" and introduce you to the range of provided services, technologies and novelties;
  • We aim to ensure complete relaxation, comfort and positive mood for our Beauty Institute "Liorá" clients. To create an atmosphere of peace we kindly ask you to speak in low voice and if possible to mute your cell phone during your stay in the Institute;
  • Please, do not hesitate to ask questions and express your wishes. Our specialists would appreciate if you express sensations during the treatment, especially if any treatment causes you any kind of discomfort;
  • Beauty Institute "Liorá" is a non-smoking facility;
  • Administration of the Beauty Institute "Liorá" is not responsible for any valuables left in the pockets of the bath robes, in public places, and/or forgotten in the cabins after the treatment.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding,

Beauty Institute «Liorá» administration

April, 2018

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