Mairita is our senior receptionist, she knows every single service offered in detail. She enjoys being useful, communicate with people. Every day there is something new happening, new people come and go, there is a never ending opportunity to help. She masters superbly the information regarding home-care products and professional anti-aging and/or intensive care treatments. She creates flexible convenient visits timetable and will choose most appropriate from the range of special offers and interesting novelties. Freely and readily speaks Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Mairita genuinely cares about every one walking through the doors of the Institute and always creates friendly comfortable ambiance.

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Svetlana KUSTOVA
Svetlana KUSTOVA

Experienced receptionist, Svetlana knows in detail every service offered in Beauty Institute "Liorá".

She competently will make you a convenient schedule of visits, will flexibly coordinate any changes. Readily speaks with clients in Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Friendly, sensitive, with extraordinary sense of humor, Svetlana has individual approach to every client and knows them by their names. Sincere smile on her face always creates holiday feeling.

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Irina loves her job and thoroughly knows it.She likes people and communicating with them, she enjoys friendly amiable atmosphere of the Institute. Irina is happy to offer high-quality professional exclusive services and is knowledgeable about every single one of them as well as about cosmetic products available in Beauty Institute "Liorá". Will make most convenient visits timetable, will help to choose appropriate home-care products, will get you acquainted with latest offers and novelties, will offer a freshly brewed coffee or cup of tea, interesting magazine and complete information about Institute's services. She readily speaks Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Genuinely glad to see satisfied, happy and well-groomed beautiful clients. Open, friendly and always smiling Irina always greets you with great mood!

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January, 2017

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